About us

About us

Sonnecy informs and supports the
scientific community

“Sonnecy” is a blog that aims to provide knowledge on the topics of sensor technology, measurement technology and magnetism, as well as to contribute to further development of these research areas.

The blog “Sonnecy” is operated by ChenYang Technologies GmbH & Co.KG. Since 2002 we have dedicated ourselves to the development of high quality and innovative products in the field of electromagnetic measurement and sensor technology and supply worldwide customers  with our products.

 Our products include:

  •         Hall effect elements/ICs 
  •         Hall effect current and voltage sensor 
  •         Rotational speed sensors 
  •         Proximity switches 
  •         Gaussmeter 
  •         Magnet pole detector 
  •         Permanent magnets 
  •         Usw.

With “Sonnecy”, we want to share our knowledge with other people and thereby

  •      Enable interested hobbyists, students and engineers from other disciplines to enter the fascinating research area of measurement and sensor technology more easily
  •        Provide engineers from the field with resources to refresh and expand their knowledge
  • Foster interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and effective discussion

In this way we can advance research and work towards a better future together.

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We would love to hear from YOU! Share with us your experience and feedback on our blog. We strive to exceed your expectations with constant improvement.